Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Living with the Bears in Alaska

During our stay in Fairbanks we lived with the Bears at North Pole, Alaska. These bears did not try to make a meal of us; instead they fed us generously everyday from their own supply of salmon, halibut, crab and moose meat. We were very grateful for their hospitality.

Tom & Betsy Bear of North Pole, Alaska and us, in their backyard.

While Betsy was busy organizing, managing and attending Spike’s workshop,
and feeding us delicious dinners each night, Tom took off on a quest for moose
with son Chad (on left) and good friend Paul (right.)

Three 4-wheelers, three trailers, extra gas, camping gear, plenty of food,
guns and ammo – they are ready to go.

The great hunters return successful – enough moose burgers
to feed three families for a year.

A 54” trophy rack for son Chad.


  1. Hey, great write up about the Bears in North Pole! Did you see the news about the black bear checking out the produce at a Ketchikan market? Those pesky Bears--always up to mischief! Hope you've had good weather and smooth airstreaming on your way south. We enjoyed your stay greatly and hope you'll return for more adventures in Alaska with the Bears. We'll keep in touch.

  2. Thank you Sue and Spike!
    Your trip looks very beautiful!
    we miss you A-LOt!
    We hope u keep having fun!!!
    -The Garcia Family!!!

  3. Yummo!.......Moose Burgers! Did you wash them down with any Alaskan Beer?

  4. Love that moose rack, nice trophy..been looking for a nice rack myself...for sculpting of course.. Take care,
    P.S. Would sure like to see more views of that rack Spike, have any more..??
    James Dastrup

  5. I can not believe you are really doing this. What a wonderful adventure. We love your stories and pictures. Take care and have fun. Scott and Sherrie